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Must Have Guide to Setting Up or Optimising Marketing Efforts for Aesthetics Clinics

marketing strategies for aesthetics clinics
marketing strategies for aesthetics clinics

So, you want to market your aesthetics clinic like a pro? You've come to the right place! Let’s dive into some foolproof strategies to attract more clients and make your clinic the talk of the town.

1. Building a Professional Online Presence

Think of your website as your clinic’s digital face. It needs to be flawless, just like the treatments you offer.

Website Essentials

  • User-Friendly Design: Make sure your website is so easy to navigate that even your grandma can book an appointment. Ensure it’s mobile-friendly, fast, and has a sleek, modern look.

  • SEO Optimisation: Sprinkle those relevant keywords everywhere like you’re seasoning a gourmet dish. Focus on local SEO to pull in those nearby clients who might just walk in after Googling “best facials near me.”

  • Informative Content: Your website should be an encyclopedia of aesthetic treatments. Think FAQs, before-and-after photos, patient testimonials, and all the juicy details about your services.

  • Call to Action (CTAs): Make your CTAs so compelling that even a cat wouldn’t hesitate to click. “Book Now,” “Get Glowing Skin Today” – you get the drift.

2. Leveraging Social Media

Social media is your best friend – treat it like one. Engage, share, and show off a bit (or a lot).

Best Platforms for ROI

  • Google Business Profile: Please don't forget this one it is THE most important!

  • Instagram: Perfect for flaunting those before-and-after transformations. Use Stories and Reels to show behind-the-scenes action and client shoutouts.

  • Facebook: Reach a wider audience and create a community. Think Facebook groups where you share skincare tips and get your followers talking.

  • YouTube: Your go-to for detailed videos. Share treatment processes, client testimonials, and maybe even a “Day in the Life” at your clinic.

Effective Tools for Content Creation

  • Canva: Create graphics that are so pretty, that your followers won’t just double-tap; they’ll want to frame them.

  • Adobe Spark: For when you need to whip up stunning visual content and video stories in a flash.

  • InShot: The magic wand for video editing. Trim, add effects, and make your videos pop.

  • Unfold: Give your Instagram stories a professional, clean look with stylish templates.

  • VSCO: Make your photos look like they’ve been touched by an angel with high-quality filters and edits.

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing is like the friend who always remembers your birthday – consistent, reliable, and always appreciated. (contact us if you would like advice on software to use or would like to outsource set up, professional templates design or automation flows)

Key Strategies

  • Grow Your Database: Use opt-in forms to gather email addresses like you’re collecting rare stamps. The more, the merrier.

  • Personalised Content: Send emails that feel like they’re written just for the recipient. New treatments, special offers, clinic news – keep it relevant and engaging.

  • Automated Campaigns: Set up automated campaigns to welcome new subscribers and gently nudge past clients to book again.

4. Local SEO and Google Business Profile

Be the hometown hero of aesthetics clinics by optimizing for local searches.

Best Practices

  • Google Business Profile: Ensure your listing is spick and span. Accurate contact info, opening hours, and a gallery of your best work will do the trick.

  • Local Keywords: Use local keywords like “HIFU treatment in [Your City]” to attract those geographically desirable clients.

  • Reviews and Ratings: Politely ask your happiest clients to leave glowing reviews. Respond to all reviews like the professional charmer you are.

5. Content Marketing and Blogging

Be the Wikipedia of skincare – people should come to your blog to get all the answers.

Content Ideas

  • Educational Articles: Write about the benefits and processes of your treatments. Make it so informative that readers might consider you for an honorary dermatology degree.

  • Client Success Stories: Share stories that are more inspiring than a makeover reveal on reality TV.

  • Industry News: Keep your audience in the loop with the latest trends and advancements in aesthetic treatments.

  • Before and Afters: Everyone loves a happy ending, and there is loyalty in storytelling.

6. Analytics and Performance Tracking

Keep an eye on what’s working and what’s not. It’s like having a crystal ball but better.

Tools for Analytics

  • Google Analytics: Track everything from website traffic to user behaviour. It’s like having a secret spy.

  • Hootsuite/Meta/Metricool Analytics: See how your social media campaigns are performing and adjust accordingly.

  • Email Marketing Analytics: Use tools like Mailchimp or Constant Contact to see who’s opening your emails and what’s making them click.


By implementing these strategies, your aesthetics clinic can build a strong online presence, engage with potential clients, and ultimately increase bookings and revenue. Regularly review and adjust your marketing efforts based on performance data to ensure continuous improvement and success.

For more detailed guides and tools, consider visiting sources like Canva, Hootsuite, and Google. Now, go forth and market like a pro! ( Did we mention Google Business Profile enough?)

Any advice or set up needed - we are here!

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