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Pay As You Go Websites

Welcome to sustainable web solutions

In a world where every penny counts, our Pay As You Go (PAYG) website service provides an economical yet powerful solution for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) eager to enhance their digital presence. Rooted in a commitment to affordability and sustainability, we offer a smart choice for businesses just like yours, looking to make an impactful online debut.


What is a pay as you go website?

A Modern Solution for Modern Businesses
It is 2024, and a website is no longer a luxury—it is a necessity. Whether you are just starting out or looking to refresh your online presence,  have an event or a custom launch our PAYG websites provide a robust eco-friendly option without the hefty upfront costs. For just £99 per month, you get a full suite of features tailored to your needs, crafted from the ground up using the most sustainable, state-of-the-art tools and technologies.


Why choose our pay-as-you-go website?

Budget-Friendly, High Impact, Sustainable
For many businesses, the idea of dropping thousands of pounds for a custom site is just not feasible. We understand because we have been there. That is why we have designed our service to be as accessible as possible, without compromising the planet or on quality or performance.

Fast, Reliable, and Sustainable
Our websites are built on WordPress, utilizing top-tier plugins and frameworks that ensure your site is mobile-optimized, SEO-friendly, and visually appealing. The best part? We use the most sustainable hosting and development practices to minimize our carbon footprint and help you contribute to a greener planet.


Comprehensive Features Included

  • Customisable Templates: Designed for flexibility, our templates will provide the ideal look and feel to align with your business and it will be optimised brilliantly across all devices, whilst being fully personalised to with your branding, from logos and fonts to colours and layouts.

  • Domain and Hosting: Get your own or .com domain with ongoing hosting powered by enterprise-grade Dell cloud servers with dual CPUs, LiteSpeed caching, and Samsung battery-backed SSDs.

  • Continuous Management: We keep your site up-to-date, secure with 256-bit SSL certificate, and performing smoothly with regular updates and backups, all included in your monthly fee.

  • SEO Optimisation: With built-in SEO tools, your website is crafted to rank well on search engines, helping you draw more traffic and generate leads effectively.

  • Conscious: We have researched and tested all the options and are confident we are offering the best option on quality of performance and the health of our planet.


Engge with us

Get Started Today
Ready to launch your business event of offering online? Talk to us. With just a few pieces of content and your branding elements, we can have your site live within a few days.


Our process is simple, transparent, and designed to get you results without delays.

No Hidden Costs, No Surprises

Transparent Pricing: £99/month covers everything—no hidden fees, no extra charges for basic updates. And if you need more tailored adjustments, we offer discounted rates for bespoke work.

Flexible Terms: There is no requirement for long-term commitment beyond the initial 12 months. You control how long you stay with us, with the flexibility to cancel anytime after the first year.

Pay as You Go eco website

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Start your journey to online success

Join the hundreds of businesses that have thrived with our sustainable, affordable web solutions. Talk to us   or order below and let's make your digital presence count!

Simple, effective, sustainable


PAYG Website - earth month offer



Every month

pay as you go website, all inclusive and eco friendly

Valid until canceled

15% off (10 payments) Earth month offer valid until 23rdMay

Economical yet powerful solution for SME

Affordability and sustainability

Fast and reliable

Feature rich sites branded to align with you business

Domain and hosting inc (most or .com included)

Continuous Management

SEO optimisation

No charge for basic updates

Discounted rates for taylored updates or bespoke work

Flexible terms (no long term contract)

No hidden costs or surprises

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Simple, effective, sustainable

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