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Automotive marketing

I am Mimi an very experienced and dedicated marketing consultant with a wealth of knowledge from the automotive (car sector).   I have over two decades of automotive marketing and PR experience and some great success.  I partner with some trusted consultants on some projects.  I created Digital Zebra with the purpose of using industry insights and skills to benefit independent automotive businesses like yours, with a shared belief that our knowledge and passion differentiate us from other 'agencies', but empower us to deliver the results that one person alone could not. 

It is my philosophy to get to know your business, allowing me to cut through the noise and identify both strengths and challenges we can then fast-track the testing and learning phase other agencies need, to understand the Automotive landscape and define your brand strategy.

I will connect your business to its clients, provide insights into your past campaigns and monthly reports, I will recommend new digital approaches and optimise marketing campaigns whilst delivering measurable data-driven results and new business.

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Bringing your brand's personality alive makes us excited, 

our combined creativity, strategic thinking and the joy of digital technology will ensure that your brand is seen by the current and desired audience, and your potential revenue is maximised.

Whether it's a new website, social media management, email marketing, content creation, paid ads, events or SEO we make sure your brand stays in the spotlight.  

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Automotive sector

Today, the automotive sector is undergoing a huge transformation, and it is hard to keep up and stay visible. 

 We can help you build a strategic approach to customer acquisition, sales and retention. We can facilitate improved brand experiences, and provide solutions to everyday problems that help to improve your business performance.

Get in touch to talk to us about your business ambitions and aspirations.

Consulting & strategy

 We create meaningful and pupose driven automotive brand strategies,. That you and your organisation will understand, and connects you to your clients.

Social media

1 in 3 consumers learn about a new products via social media.

We understand which platforms work best to achieve your goals and reach your current and desired audience.

​We are automotive social media experts who will deliver compelling content  implementation, and reporting. In addition, we can amplify your brand's impact through strategy and paid campaigns. 

Paid ads & ppc

A big part of our work is to define and activate paid media campaigns to reach refined target and retarget audiences.

Our expertise gives us the power to determine the best channels, opportunities, platforms and ROI.  We are completely channel agnostic so we only recommend media channels that meet your specific goals


Website dev

 Creative Website Design + Website Development + Support, hosting and maintenance  solutions.

We understand that your website is the front door to your business therefore, It is essential that is stands out, is user friendly and showcases your brilliant business.  We will provide a feature-rich site and ensure your project runs smoothly from start to completion.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a trusted line of communication and marketing and it directly reaches 90% of your clients, it also great offers great ROI.

We create clickworkthy newsletters and recommend that you send these reguarly to nurture ans grow your 

We can provide software set up, strategy, copywriting, database growth, segments, and automations.


Get in touch to see how we can work together.

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