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Elevate Your Brand with LinkedIn Thought Leader Ads

Are you a business ready to redefine your marketing strategy and establish your expertise in your industry?

LinkedIn has unveiled a groundbreaking tool that's set to revolutionise your marketing game - LinkedIn Thought Leader Ads!

🌟 What Are LinkedIn Thought Leader Ads? LinkedIn Thought Leader Ads mark a significant movement from traditional advertising on the platform. They empower you to highlight your expertise and insights to a highly specific audience by bridging your LinkedIn ad account with your personal profile.

💡 Benefits of Thought Leader Ads 💡

  1. Authenticity: The real power of LinkedIn Thought Leader Ads lies in their ability to break free from the typical sales-oriented tone associated with traditional ads. In fact, a message posted through a personal profile tends to garner more attention, engagement, and trust because it comes from a person, not a brand.

  2. Humanising the Brand: LinkedIn Thought Leader Ads add a human touch to your brand. When your audience receives information from real individuals, such as the CEO or marketing head, it creates a deeper, more personal connection. This personal touch humanises your brand and fosters a stronger emotional bond.

  3. Extracting Subject Matter Expertise: These ads excel at showcasing your organisation's subject matter expertise. By incorporating thought leadership or expertise-driven posts from key team members, you build trust and credibility with potential clients. They gain a clearer understanding of your company's values, expertise, and what sets you apart.

🔒 Limitations of LinkedIn Thought Leader Ads 🔒 While they offer significant advantages, it is important to be aware of some limitations:

  1. Part of a Broader Strategy: Thought Leader Ads should complement other ad types, as they lack headlines and call-to-action buttons, making them unsuitable for driving significant traffic to landing pages. They work best when integrated into a broader marketing strategy.

  2. Not Ideal for Smaller Businesses: Newcomers to LinkedIn advertising might find Thought Leader Ads less effective if they don't have existing website traffic or other paid channels. A mix of ad types and optimized personal LinkedIn profiles are essential for presenting a mature and robust image.

  3. Time-Limited Campaigns: Thought Leader Ads are limited to the most recent six months of posts. Older posts can't be retroactively promoted, limiting your options for showcasing evergreen content.

  4. Profile Dependency: These ads rely on the person being attached to the company. If that individual leaves the company or detaches from the ads, they become unusable.

  5. Chargeable Interactions: Interactions with Thought Leader Ads, such as clicking "read more," liking, or commenting, are considered chargeable clicks with an awareness objective. They don't directly lead to website conversions, so it's crucial to incorporate them into a larger marketing system.

🚀 Best Practices for LinkedIn Thought Leader Ads 🚀 Maximize the effectiveness of Thought Leader Ads with these best practices:

  1. Retargeting with LinkedIn Influencer Ads: Use Thought Leader Ads in retargeting campaigns, targeting prospects who have already shown interest in your brand.

  2. Select Impactful Posts for Promotion: Prioritise posts that have generated inbound leads, rather than just popular posts based on likes or comments.

  3. Attach Interactions to Retargeting Audiences: Incorporate interactions from Thought Leader Ads into retargeting audiences for further engagement.

  4. Utilise Videos and GIFs: Thought Leader Ads support various media formats, including videos and GIFs. Incorporating these can boost attention and click-through rates.

🛠️ Step-by-Step Guide: Creating a LinkedIn Thought Leader Ad Campaign 🛠️ LinkedIn Thought Leader Ads can be complex, but this step-by-step guide will help you navigate the process:

  1. Choose Engagement or Brand Awareness Objectives: Thought Leader Ads are only available with these objectives, so select the appropriate one.

  2. Browse Existing Content: Access the ad creation interface and select "Browse existing content" to choose from the company and employee tabs.

  3. Select the Employee Tab: Search for the relevant individual in the employee tab and request approval to use their posts as ads.

  4. Launch the Campaign: Once approved, choose the posts to sponsor and launch your LinkedIn Thought Leader Ad campaign.

In Conclusion: LinkedIn Thought Leader Ads offer a powerful way to leverage personal profiles for impactful advertising. By combining the authenticity of personal posts with LinkedIn's reach and targeting capabilities, companies can enhance their brand image, showcase expertise, and engage their audience more meaningfully.

If you are ready to incorporate Thought Leader Ads into your marketing strategy for incredible results, reach out to Impactable for expert guidance.

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