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Don't delay upgrade to GA4 today - Google Analytics 4 migration service or DIY info

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Important update: have you made the switch?

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As of July 1, 2023, Universal Analytics will no longer be processing new data, while Universal Analytics 360 will have a grace period of three months, ending on October 1, 2023.

So what does this mean for your brand? It is time to make the switch to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to ensure you don't miss out on critical historical data. But how do you go about making this transition? And why is it so important to start now? We have the answers you need to make this change with ease and confidence. Read on to learn why GA4 is essential and how we can help you migrate seamlessly to this powerful new platform.

GA4 is designed to be more responsive, more privacy-focused, and much better equipped to provide a complete view of a user's journey. With an emphasis on event-based data collection and powerful integration of new machine learning, empowering businesses with the ability to predict behaviour. Businesses and digital teams will need to adapt to the new platform with haste but will be rewarded with the power to make powerful data-driven decisions and provide more accurate reports on digital performance.

This might all sound a little daunting, but we are here to help.

You have three options:

  1. migrate to GA4 inhouse: here is a very handy guide from Semrush :

  2. Auto migrate GA4 - n.b: 360 and smart goals will not be carried over: here is some handy info from Google:

  3. Use a migration service such as ours, this will protect your valuable data and ensure you are tracking all the important information required for your future business


Your future self will thank you for downloading what is important for your business. But, there is too much data held in Google Analytics, so please do not attempt downloading all of the data points!

Identify the key data you need to download:

  • What data do you always look at/or report on to stakeholders?

  • What periods do you compare data? We like to compare year on year, and sometimes month on month, but it might be worth considering up to 2 years of data.

  • What time frames do you look at? 60 days? 30 days? 7 days?

  • What format do you want the data in, and where will you save it (Cloud, Google Sheets, Excel)


We offer a turn-key Done-For-You GA4 Migration Service

It is as easy 1.2.3

1. Schedule a call with us, or complete a friendly questionnaire. We will then do an audit of your current UA account and create a migration plan that will ensure a safe, smooth GA4 migration.

We take a number of factors into consideration, including a number of conversions, how these will translate to GA4, as well as data preservation to ensure your data is safe at every step of the way.

2. Our expert Google consultant will get to work on seamlessly migrating your Google Analytics to GA4.

This includes installing new tracking codes and setting up GA4 events and conversions.

This ensures you continue to receive valuable customer data, app data and insights from your website that empower you to make business decisions.

3. Once we have completed the migration, we explain to you the work that we have completed and can demonstrate the conversion tracking that has been set up.

A typical GA4 migration project will include:

  • Analytics/tracking setup

  • Tag manager setup

  • Social platform tracking

  • E-commerce purchase tracking

  • 6 tracking goals

E-commerce businesses

  • E-commerce purchase tracking

We also recommend adding tracking for any Paid ads campaigns.

Dont delay; get in touch today:

We are skilled in tracking strategies, implementation & configuration, custom reports and analysing data, it's not just about GA! Some of the other areas we support our clients are:

Tracking MOT

We perform an in-depth review of all your channels and platforms, to ensure you have the right implementation, and that it is collecting all the data you need and that you have everything you need to report on the points that matter to your future business.

Google Tag Manager (GTM)

We can work with your development team or provide a service to ensure the tracking scripts are deployed in best practice and that data layers are correctly installed and working well.

Analysis & Reporting

This is a key part of the service we provide for our clients; we analyse and interpret our client's data to uncover important insights. Which providing key action points , benchmarking and recommendations. We routinely provide monthly custom reports, which ensures everything is on track.

Conversion Optimisation

We are believers of an integrated approach and that includes an emphasis on split-testing. We create A/B text, visuals, ads, emails and pages, products or custom build landing pages.

If you have any questions just pop us an email:

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