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You'll never need to worry about how well your marketing is working or reaching the right people again!

Imagine if...

Every time your ideal customers were looking for a product like yours they found you and felt compelled to buy from you.

well... now you can!

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Welcome to Digital Zebra

(Pronounced ZEEE-BRA or ZEB-RRRA,which ever you prefer)

We are a small and unique team of seasoned marketing consultants committed to getting our clients the best possible results. 

Put simply, we are excellent at connecting.


We are strategic professionals of our word and in communication. Our passion for the luxury & and charity sector marketing has kept us smiling through more than twenty years of communications and marketing. That is why we have specialised as we have grown, and love what we do.

Being curious creatives, we move through social media, e-mail marketing, performance marketing and digital PR to bolster a comprehensive online presence. Our clients follow tailor-made multi-channel strategic plans to navigate the best and most effective media for their needs, reaching out through the web to communicate globally.

Ok, the truth is you CAN'T crack Social Media or Search Engine algorithms (no matter what anyone tells you!) 


But you can use compelling content, the right platforms and a smooth customer journey to influence your ideal client to trust and do to business with you. 

It is one thing to offer a fantastic product or service.  It is something entirely different to make it desirable and real in people’s minds.  We are here to bridge the gap, or rather our work is: we use the Internet and its channels as a tool to communicate your proposition to the people who matter to you.  We think about your desired audience and what channels they are active on, from social media to newsletters, so that we can create and strategy and content that lands and impacts on target.

But that is not all, we team with our clients and support them to reach their business goals.



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well... now you can!

Exhausting, right? 😫

Sound familiar?

Then it is time to do things differently

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2022/23 RESULTS









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We have recently started working with these guys, especially Mimi Glenn. She produced the best ever audit we have seen, over 50 carefully crafted pages.  Subsequently, we are now working together on a series of business building initiatives. These guys are top-class professionals and are a total delight to work with.


Great to be working with grown-ups who provide great insights.

Get hold of them .

We highly recommend them . 👍


Social media

We take care of all aspects of brand’ social media: creating accounts, managing them and making them grow, creating content both organic and paid strategies.


Performance Marketing

We create strategies and performance marketing campaigns to transform brand value into leads and potential customers.  But that is not all.  We support clients throughout the marketing funnel, including managing leads.


Web marketing

More generally, we build content and online strategies: from the websites architecture to their design, from SEO to copywriting, from social media management and lead generation campaigns to branded content. We are also great with corporate identity and creative design, online and offline.

Less stress, more sales

Get Seen By More Of The Right People
and get them to take the action you want

Connect With Your Audience
so that they choose you over your competitors

Increase Revenue
products and services (without getting the yuk) 

Get in touch if...

  • You want your communication to be handled by a professional with more than 20 years of experience.

  • You want to enhance your presence on the right channels, in front of the right people, and get the right results.

  • You have a fundraising campaign or competition/raffle to run and need someone experienced to manage it

  • You have heard of performance marketing, but do not know if this is the right tool for you

  • You have realised that (or want to understand if) web marketing can help you grow your business

  • You want to acquire new contacts and potential customers and manage them correctly

  • You are looking for a flexible and competent agency to manage your social networks

  • You need marketing support and want to draw up an effective communication plan

  • You want to organise an event or the launch of a new product or service, and you want to ensure the greatest possible coverage.

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