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Unmasking the LinkedIn Algorithm: Your business's Ticket to Viral Victory (fingers crossed)

LinkedIn is a curious platform; career and business-centric, yet personal profiles outperform even the best-managed business page. LinkedIn is a vital tool in many businesses' tool kit, especially those that offer services; Recruitment agencies (are right up there in the sector who should be leveraging this platform's power, Financial service providers, law firms etc. There is no doubt that your business should befriend LinkedIN, and investing in training for your team is a very wise investment!

The realm of social media algorithms is constantly evolving, and LinkedIn is no exception. In the 4th Annual LinkedIn Algorithm Research Report – 2022, conducted by Richard van der Blom and Just Connecting - LinkedIn & Social Selling Training HUB, intriguing findings and recommendations have emerged. Let's delve into the key takeaways and explore how you can optimize your presence on LinkedIn.

Based on an analysis of approximately 2,000 posts conducted in February and March 2023, the Creativity and Innovation Network has uncovered valuable insights. The report reveals that, globally, there have been no significant changes compared to the previous year's findings, except for a notable decrease in reach for surveys.

To maximize your reach and engagement on LinkedIn, here are six main recommendations derived from the study:

  1. Keep the number of mentioned accounts per post below 15.

  2. Limit the use of emojis to a maximum of 10, with no more than 4 emojis per line.

  3. Craft your post with a text length ranging between 1200 and 1800 characters.

  4. Be responsive to comments, aiming to reply within 12 hours.

  5. Generate engagement within the crucial first 90 minutes after publishing your post.

  6. Avoid making changes to your post within the initial 10 minutes after it goes live.

Putting these recommendations into practice, we have implemented them in this very post:

  1. Only one account is mentioned in the text, while others will be acknowledged in the comments.

  2. We have utilized only 7 emojis throughout the text.

  3. The character count stands at 1367 out of 1621, adhering to the recommended range.

  4. We commit to promptly responding to comments within the 12-hour timeframe.

  5. We will be actively monitoring the post and engaging with our audience for the first 90 minutes.

  6. We will resist the temptation to make any modifications to the post for at least 10 minutes, ensuring stability.

In addition to these recommendations, it's worth considering other tips to enhance the effectiveness of your LinkedIn posts:

  1. Publish your content on a Tuesday morning after 08:00 for optimal visibility.

  2. If applicable, accompany your post with an infographic in PDF format.

  3. Limit your use of hashtags to three relevant ones.

  4. Rather than commenting as the first engagement on your own post, react to comments from others.

  5. Activate creator mode to access additional features and tools.

Now that you have the insights and recommendations at your disposal, it's time to put them to the test.

If this has been useful, please, take a moment to read, share, and engage with our content, as your support and feedback are highly appreciated. We want you to leverage the digital world for the success of your business.

Are you making the most of LinkedIn? If you would like to chat about training or management, just pop us an email and we be pleased to help.

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