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🛥️ Navigating Yacht Shows: Roadmap to Success at Cannes Yachting Festival & Monaco Yacht Festival.

As we roll into September, we also welcome a splash of boat shows: The Cannes Yachting Festival, Monaco Yacht Show, and our very own Southampton Boat Show.

Let's steer through the 🛥️ KEY STRATEGIES 🛥️ to ensure your triumph at these prestigious gatherings:

⚓ Clarify Your Objectives: Chart your course with precise goals – be it boosting brand presence, nurturing leads, or unveiling new gems. A clear call to action is your guiding star.

📣 Plan Ahead for PR: Stay ahead of the curve by engaging with journalists and media early on. Last-minute invites rarely yield results; meticulous planning is your compass to PR and marketing success.

📱 Optimise your Marketing: Ensure your marketing materials shine on all screens, I am talking about mobile phones.

✨ Do your website and email links work? (Check social media and telephone links).

✨Have your leaflets/handouts ready and ship shape, looking beautiful and communicating contact info and CTAs.

✨Do all your platforms; website, and social media including LinkedIn announce your presence at the upcoming boat show?

✨Are all visuals/social media posted formatted and sized correctly so vital information is not lost?

📌 Provide Essential Info: Don't leave prospects guessing. Ensure your social media, newsletters, and marketing materials offer vital info – stand number, timings, QR codes, maps – all at their fingertips.

🎣 Visitor Engagement: Simplify data capture and feedback collection from show visitors – make it effortless and accessible.

💡 Empower Your Promo Team: Your on-ground staff are the face of your brand. Arm them with product knowledge, motivation, and welcoming smiles. Their approachability and expertise set you apart.

📧 Craft Follow-Up Strategies: Equip yourself for post-show engagement. Define actions and desired outcomes for visitors and prospects. Effective follow-up transforms leads into enduring connections.

What tactics fuel your success at shows? Let's chart a collective course towards triumph! 🌟

If you need support with your marketing we have the industry knowledge to help you make the most of the boat show season,! Book a Chat with us


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