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Giving Tuesday - Why you should care

Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving that occurs on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. This year it will fall on the 29th November. It was created in 2012 as a way to encourage people to donate to charities during the holiday season.

Since its inception, Giving Tuesday has become an important day for fundraising for charities all over the world. In 2018, Giving Tuesday raised over $300 million for charities worldwide.

Giving Tuesday is a great way for people to support the causes they care about and make a difference in the world. If you are looking for a way to give back this holiday season, consider donating to a charity on Giving Tuesday. If you are a Charity, this is a great way to secure much-needed funds, so be ready.

If you need a strategy or someone to manage your fundraising campaign please just pop up a message.

Here are some interesting stats from UK Fundraising, you can click here to find out more:

In 2021:

  • 85% of people surveyed globally gave in 2021

  • Globally, only 5% of the people who gave, gave money only

  • Non-monetary giving was 2x more common than monetary giving

  • Giving money accounted for 29% of giving internationally

  • Giving money to registered charities accounted for less than 10% of international giving

  • Less than 33% of any type of giving internationally was through registered charities

  • 34% of money given, 30% of volunteering, & 30% of items donated went through registered charities

  • Over 90% of people said giving was important to them in 18 of 21 of countries surveyed (and over 97% in 8 out of 21 of countries surveyed)

  • 85% of people said they give because they want to make a difference

  • 80% of people globally give due to a personal or emotional connection with a cause

  • 77% said they use their heart when giving

  • Those who give non–monetary gifts are more likely to give money (72%) than those who do not (23%)

[Data source: GivingTuesday lookback report at 2021 trends in global generosity]

Additional stats:

  • In 2021 more than 2.1 million donations were made on the PayPal platform to over 160,000 nonprofits and causes around the globe, with PayPal processing a record-breaking $188 million

  • Over $3.3 million was raised on the iDonate platform in 2021, a 10.3% increase from 2020

  • In 2020, Giving Tuesday brought in £14,000 a minute for good causes in the UK, with figures from Visa showing that £20.2 million was donated via their payment platforms in the UK on 1 December


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