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Bye Bye GA3/Universal

If you are running a business that has a website, you need google analytics. Knowing how people are finding and engaging with your website is the 'unicorn' of information that you can build on. Understanding which pages resonate the most and the least with your target audience and finding exciting pockets of potential customers can scale a business far faster than anecdotal evidence and trial and error, with a deeper integration into google ads

The new updated Google Analytics; GA4 is here and Google are stating that they are not carrying over data, from June 2023 it is; So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.

So it is important for all business owners to make the transition ASAP, but perhaps more so for e-commerce businesses wanting accurate data on Q4.

What will GA4 bring?

  1. Learn where your website users come from

  2. An ability to see your lead/sales funnel

  3. Know where visitors drop off your site

  4. Retarget abandoned users

  5. Improve your funnel

Here is a handy video to show you how t set up GA4

- or if you prefer we can do it for you

Here is what Google has to say about GA4

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